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Songview Downloads

Minimum requirements for full functionality Windows Vista
Songview will run with Windows XP but Youtube will be unavailable.

New with Version 4.5

Release 4.510 has theme options, direct bible language downloads, items can be dragged into the playlist, volume control and EQ as well as minor improvements and bug fixes. See the forum for a complete list.
Release date 22-08-2017

Release 4.519 Minor improvements and bug fixes.
Release date 04-06-2019

Download Version 4.5

Download Still and Video Backgrounds

Download PPTX Viewer

Songview is currently available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Amharic and Norwegian (Bokmål). If you would like to see a version in your own language and are willing to translate the menus and captions etc. please get in touch.

Download African Bibles

Download Afrikaans Bible and dictionary

Download Amharic Bible, dictionary and language file

Download Chinese Bibles

Download Czech Bible and dictionary

Download Dutch Bible, dictionary and language file

Download English Bibles

Download Filipino Bible and dictionary

Download French Bibles and dictionaries

Download German Bibles and dictionaries

Download Greek Bible and dictionary

Download Hatian Creole Bibles

Download Indonesian Bibles and dictionary

Download Italian Bibles and dictionary

Download Japanese Bibles

Download Korean Bibles

Download Macedonian Bibles

Download Myanmar Bible

Download Norwegian Bible, dictionary, language and help files

Download Polish Bibles and dictionary

Download Portugese (and Brazilian) Bibles and dictionaries

Download Romanian Bibles and dictionary

Download Russian Bible and dictionaries

Download Serbian Bible and dictionaries

Download Spanish Bibles, dictionaries and language file

Download Songview Manual